Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

ONE (Friends Soundtrack)

for the first time
I knew you were the one
You didn\'t say a word to me
but love was in the air

When you held my hand
pulled me into your world
from then all of my life
has changed for you
now I never feel lonely again

\'coz you\'re in my life
Love, how can I explain to you
the way I feel inside
when I think of you
I thank you
for everything that you showed me
Don\'t you ever forget
that I love you

Love, I know that someday will soon
you\'ll be right next to me

Holding me so tight
so I\'ll always be yours
although we can\'t be
together now
remember I am here for you
when I know you\'re there for me
Whenever I long to be with you
I just close my eyes and pretend you\'re here
I see you I touch you I feel you
I will
nothing can ever change
what I feel inside

How long must I be far away from you
I don\'t know dear but
I know we are one

Credit: Illa

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